Shipbuilding and ship repair companies category includes: Dry docking and repair services, in-dock repair, afloat repair, conversions, engineroom maintenance, piping renewals and/or refits, deck maintenance, stainless steel polishing, carpentry, electrical repairs and trouble shooting, in water surveys, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, blasting and painting, machining services, shaft and propeller repairs, dynamic balancing of rotating machinery, mechanical services, main engine overhaul, auxiliary engine overhaul, propulsion repairs and overhauls, repairs on deck equipment, electrical services, electrical wiring, rewinding of electric motors and generators, calibration of safety devices and circuit breakers, installation of DP systems, installation and modification of main switch boards and control panels, hydraulic services, installation of hydraulic equipment, fabrication and installation of hydraulic lines, building and commissioning of hydraulic power packs, repair and maintenance of hydraulic winches, cranes, pumps, lifts, valves, overhauling of cylinders, general troubleshoot and inspections, yacht and super yachts repair and maintenance, cruise vessels repair, automation and instrumentation trouble-shooting, offshore rigs repair and maintenance, metal production, steel cutting...

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Kina Diving Underwater ship services in Australia

Kina Diving Underwater ship services in Australia

Radio and communication equipment services, FFE services in Australia

Marine Control Systems | Nabtesco Governor | Nabtesco Remote Control System

Marine Control Systems | Nabtesco Governor | Nabtesco Remote Control System

Marine Engineering & Commercial Diving Services in Australia

Nationwide Service for Ship Repair, Maintenance, Fire & Safety, Freight & Logistics in Australian ports

Underwater Ship Services, Hull Survey & Repairs, Remote Operations & Deep Diving in Australia

Ship In-Water Services in Australia, Underwater Inspections, ROV services in Australia