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ELENG LLC is one of the largest companies in Ukraine providing supply and service for marine, oil and gas, rail and industrial areas.

In Atlas International Marine Services, USA, we know how critical it is to always find reliable suppliers for your procurement needs.

ITS is dedicated to perform a high level of quality service in the Non-Destructive Testing Industry.

Commercial diving, Underwater inspections and Repair in Malaysia

FMS is your trusted partner for offshore safety and survival. One of our core businesses is to expand the life extension of Single fall / Twinfall / Freefall lifeboats and life rafts

Pro Marine is the one-stop marine services provider in Brunei Bay and Labuan waters. Logistics services in Malaysia. Underwater services in Malaysia.

Bintang Subsea’s mission is to provide timely, reliable, accurate and cost-effective Inspection, Survey and Positioning services to the offshore Oil and Gas industry. Bintang Subsea are experts in providing offshore Inspection, Survey and…