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Nationwide Service for Ship Repair, Maintenance, Fire & Safety, Freight & Logistics in Australian ports

Ship equipment supply, ship UTM, calibration, certification, VGP samples collection, testing in Greece and Worldwide

General ship supplier, ship navigation, communication, LSA, FFE, logistics services in Baltic region and Canary Islands

IHM maintenance, Asbestos remove, IHM initial building, Ship Repair Services in China

Solas Egypt specialises in the management, supply, installation and providing technical support for safety-related issues for the marine sector at the first place and for the industrial sector as well, we are supporting organizations for doing their…

Marintech Marine is a new and innovative company founded in 2017. Our company serves in the area of Food and Security Services and Port Services as well as Ship Repair and Maintenance Service. We aim to provide a quality service to you with our…