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We pride ourselves on our delivery and operate 365 days, 24 hours, non-stop in all of the ports and Straits of Turkey.

ACEBI is a French company founded in 1964, specialised in marine rescue equipment, ship deck equipment – and more generally, equipment for lifting goods or persons.

Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd. is a Trinidad and Tobago based Shipping Agency with Branches in Miami and Guyana. Shipping Solutions and Services Ltd. is a Leading Provider of Shipping & Marine Services, globally.

DIN Standart Valves JIS Standart Valves ANSI Standart Valves in Turkey, Globe Valves Turkey, Check Valves Turkey, Butterfly Valves Turkey

Globe Valves, Check Valve, Collector Valve, Butterfly Valve, Rubber Expansion Joint, Air Vent Pipe Head, Storm Valve, Quick Closing Valve, Ejector, Couplings, Drain Valve, Disco Cehck Valve, Fire Hydrant Valve, Sounding Pipe, Joints, Remote Controls…

Life-saving equipment services in Japan, ship spares production in Japan, ship repair services in Japan

LSA/FFA, Ship repair workshop assistance & Quality stores supply in Bangladesh

Baycorp Group & it’s all concern entities are act as a Complete & Trusted International Maritime & Trading relevant Solutions Platform.