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Ocean Maritime Ceylon Private Limited (OMC), is a registered organization of maritime service providers in Sri Lanka, owned and managed by a team of professionals with over 15 years of proven track record in the industry. We seek to establish with positive enthusiasm, a business relationship with you and your esteemed company. We provide any type of Ship Chandelling services in any port of Sri Lanka.

Agency functions and Ship supplies in Sri Lanka at all ports/ OPL in Sri Lanka. Registered IMPA / SLSSA / ISO 9001:2015

Ocean Maritime Ceylon Private Limited (OMC) has an avowed mission to provide quality personalized Ship Husbandry services to ship-owners/managers whose ships call at Sri Lankan ports.

OMC provides an extensive range of ship husbandry services to any type of vessel calling at Sri Lankan ports. Any type of vessel owned and or operated by Clients, Owners and Managers are assured of a quality service provided by our professional and experienced team.

We have the best and most reliable supply chain network with specialized suppliers for the highest quality and fresh provisions. We are one of the licensed ship chandlers in Sri Lanka providing the best ship supplies and services in all ports of Sri Lanka. We ensure the delivery of fresh supplies and ship provisions at the best value and on time.

We procure the following ship supplies:

Provisions – Covers all Kinds of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry items, Meat & Fish Products, Dairy Products, Sri Lankan Spices & Cereals.

Bonded Items: Being the best bonded items supplier in Sri Lanka, Ocean Maritime Ceylon caters a wide range of best-branded beverages, spirits, cigarettes, and confectionery, as well as perfumeries and personal care items, toiletries and an exclusive range of gift items.

Steward & Cabin Items: – We enlist cabin stewards and procure all items to be stocked in cabins.

Engineering Related Items – All engineering requirements and accessories

Deck Items – All items necessary for the decks in ships.

Gasses & Chemicals – All requirements for vessel maintenance, interior and equipment cleaning

Medical Related Items – All medical requirements for the treatment of personnel.

We cater to any additional services which may be required by your good selves. Additionally, we are accessible 24/7 to all vessel owners and managers seeking our services.


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