Diving & underwater services

Diving and underwater services require highly competent and qualifed specialsts. Diving services include such jobs as underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing, in-water Class surveys, underwater inspections, UW maintenance and repair, stern tube bandaging for seals replacement, release of the propeller from hawsers, cleaning of sea valve gratings, disassembling and mounting of grids, unclogging and clogging of sea valve gratings and sea chests, plugging up of holes, underwater cutting, underwater welding, rescue services and vessel lifting activities, underwater explosive works, cathodic protection survey and anode replacement, video, photography, work class ROV services, underwater pipeline Inspection, maintenance & repair.

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Diving Company Mauritius. Underwater hull cleaning Mauritius. CCTV Survey Mauritius. Rope Removal Mauritius. Propeller inspection Mauritius.

Diving Company in Mauritius. Dive Solutions (Mauritius) is a provider of underwater inspection, hull cleaning and propeller polishing services using state of the art and eco-friendly technology.

Underwater services in Malta

Professional commercial underwater diving company operating from Malta.


Subsea Services commercial diving Africa, in water survey, hull cleaning, ship repair services Africa, propeller polishing Africa

Subsea Services Ltd. operates along the East African Seaboard serving Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar.

Diving services Malaysia, Underwater services, Underwater NDT, Salvage / Recovery work, Ship hull inspections and cleaning, Video inspection

We provide comprehensive diving & marine support services for the oil & gas, marine and inshore & offshore civil engineering industries, as well as a complete services for underwater work.

General Ship Supplier in Jordan, Marine Services in Jordan, FE & LSA services in Jordan

We are one of the world’s leading lifeboat / davit & fire fighting equipment service provider that have been appointed by most of the major OEMs and Classification societies.

Underwater inspection Underwater hull cleaning Underwater survey Underwater pleasure diving in Maldives

Underwater inspection Underwater hull cleaning Underwater survey Underwater pleasure diving in Maldives