Diving & underwater services

Diving and underwater services require highly competent and qualifed specialsts. Diving services include such jobs as underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing, in-water Class surveys, underwater inspections, UW maintenance and repair, stern tube bandaging for seals replacement, release of the propeller from hawsers, cleaning of sea valve gratings, disassembling and mounting of grids, unclogging and clogging of sea valve gratings and sea chests, plugging up of holes, underwater cutting, underwater welding, rescue services and vessel lifting activities, underwater explosive works, cathodic protection survey and anode replacement, video, photography, work class ROV services, underwater pipeline Inspection, maintenance & repair.

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Polishing Ship Bottom Cleaning Ship Bottom Inspection Under Water Videography Emergency Disentanglement

NHAT TAN MARITIME CO., LTD. OUR SCOPE OF WORKS Ship supply: 1. Life saving equipments: Life boat & Raft’s equipment – Fire fighting equipments – Manoverboat – Epirb – Sat 2. Deck stores, engine stores, electric stores, .and spare…

Underwater inspections & hull cleaning services in UAE and worldwide locations

We provide underwater support from locations worldwide, managed from a single coordination center in Dubai, Our global network (Africa, Asia , Middle East , Suez Canal area, Europe, North & South America, China, Maldives, Thailand, Egypt, UAE,…

Provisions, Bonded, Cabin, Deck, Engine, Stationary, Electrical and other Supplies & Services

Our company is Diving Services & Consulting Co, undertakes the in-water survey (in-water inspection) of ships, having last technology equipment, which are handled by highly trained divers, certified by most The main object of this union regards…

High quality underwater services at Fujairah anchorage, Khorfakkan anchorage, Sharjah anchorage

We are fully equipped commercial diving and marine services company dedicated to provide high quality underwater services for the principals who calls their ships in UAE ports/anchorage.

Seatrans Shipping Ltd (SSL) are shipping agents offering Ship owners anc charterers services in the Laconia Gulf Greece

King Sea Marine Services is a marine, offshore/onshore, oil and gas, shipbuilding and repair and chemical supply firm.

We would like to offer and provide our service for supply and serve any of your vessels calling Suez Canal for transit or any Egyptian ports