Bunkering or supply ship with fuel is one of the most important operations for every vessel. Every merchant or navy ship or yacht or even small boat needs fuel. As far as bunkering is one of the most expensive article in a vessel budget it's crucial for Ship Owners to have reliable Bunkering Company or Bunker Trader. For low quality fuels can lead in engine failure and costly repair, long time downtime and commercial and reputation lost for the Owner. Bunker operation in general can be separated in on-shore bunkering and off-shore bunkering. Bunkering from shore is the transfer of marine fuels from shore facilities to ship tanks. Whereas offshore bunkering involves ship-to-ship transfer of fuel. In this listing there are different companies involved in bunkering operations of vessels with Fuel Oils, Diesel Oils and LNG.

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Most Trump and Ship’s passing by West Africa coast, calling for bunkers, crew changes and supplies. Most Cruise Ship’s calling Cape-verdean Ports and Destinations, for Shore Excursions and Tours.  Most Luxury Yachts passing by and on the…

Voyage Ship Supply – Powered by Voyage Shipping Services (Pvt) Ltd VSS is providing all type of SHIP SUPPLY requirements need to our most important customers via Colombo, Galle, Hambantota and Trincomalee ports in Sri Lanka. Colombo (LKCMB)…

«Nerita Limited» is an International marine lubricants production and supply company serving the global shipping market worldwide.