Ship accomodation stores

Ship accomodation stores and equipment, thermo pot electric, computers, computer display, TV set, sound system, refrigerator, washing machine, portable sewing machine, shower curtain, plastic bags, towels, toilet paper, toilet brush, yacht mop, mortise lock, cabinets, doors, door closers, door handles, toaster, welfare equipment, sport equipment, master tools, hair clipper, chairs, massage chair

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Oy Tecmarin Ship Supply Ab supplies technical machine and deck stores for ships

Supply of Fresh & Frozen Provisions, Drinking water, Soft drinks, etc., Bonded Stores, Technical Stores, Engine Stores, Deck Stores, Cabin Stores, Galley Stores, Electrical Stores, Safety Equipments & Nautical Equipments, Lubricants (MOBIL…

Goods for Yachting lovers, Diving lovers, Industrial Safety supply in Cyprus