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Often spares and stores must be delivered to vessel at anchorage or outer road. For example the following goods are often delivered by boat: deck stores, engines stores, paints, chemicals, packed luboils, mooring ropes. Also different spares and equipment, provision, medicine, cash to Master and many others. Supply boat service or supply barge service is very important in supply chain to arrange delivery of stores and spares. Also often crew change can only be arranged at anchorage. There are a number of local Companies in every port who can assist in delivery of crew to anchorage. In this listing there are Companies providing boat services.

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Dolphin Marine Express the brand & and company image with product only. Dolphin Marine company has long history in marine activities in Egypt. The company was established in 1977 in the name of (Alex. Supply &Marine services) in Alexandria…

Amon Shipping is a shipping agency, rendering it’s services on major Turkish Ports; Aliaga, Izmit, Mersin, Iskenderun, Izmir, Dikili; with it’s own offices and team. We believe the company derives it’s energy directly from the young and enthusiastic…

Global Shipping Services Ltd., Egypt The company was established in 1979 as a family enterprise in Port Said after re-opening the Suez Canal for international navigation in 1976 by El Sayed Hegazy. Initially the company known as “HEGAZY GROUP” was…

Worldwide Exclusive Supply Marine Lubricants IHM inspection, analisys, reports approved by IACS Class, ASBESTOS REMOVAL Tuzla & Yalova & Inebolu Shipyards Repair & Supply

We cover all the requirements that a vessel needs on behalf of owners, receivers, brokers, traders, shippers, charterers. We also act as protective agents. Our clients choose us knowing that their vessels will operate at full efficiency and that…

Ship agency services in Baltic ports (Vyborg) Russia

Full range of Agency services in Pasir Gudang, Johor Port (Malysia)