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El- Madina Tower, Ahmed Maher & Ramsis St., East District, Port Said – Egypt

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Soroka Shipping & Marine Services Co. (Egypt)

Soroka Agency is an agency, ship & marine supply company that provides marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and services. Besides we supply all kinds of ships, vessels and any offshore industry.

Our Services

We provide many services that you may need through your trip. Our Service includes:


We Supply: Cruise lines, navy ships, Oil Rigs, off shore platforms and trade vessels with provisions requirements maintaining the international health codes, frozen prime meat, poultry, dairy products and dry stuff are sourced from famous brands from all over the world considering variation in crew nationalities to meet the different tastes.

Bonded Stores

Soroka Shipping Agency Supply stock a wide variety of tobacco, liquors and confectionary as well as perfumes and toiletries. Beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs are available at highly competitive prices.

Cabin Stores

We carry a large inventory such as Washing Machines, Coffee Makers, Thermo pots, Electric Kettles and Rice Cookers. We also stock a large inventory of cookware, soaps and detergents.

Technical & Deck Stores

We providing the high quality & specification required. We know how much important maintenance operation is criticality of repair works, we share responsibility with you by providing the right quality & specifications required.

Safety and Rescue Equipment

We supply, install, annual services with certification, marine personnel safety and rescue equipment . We provide vessels with all needs in matters of safety. Safety is one of the major significant issues, wide ranges of products from the leading safety equipment manufacturing
companies are available to meet your needs for your convenience.

Spare Parts

We Re-new your Spare parts according to makers instruction using the most advanced facilities, with complete range of inspection and measuring instruments, modern material handling system, etc., to meet the most stringent quality requirements providing class society certificates when required.

Custom Clearance

Soroka Shipping Agency can arrange custom clearance at origin and destination for all cargo types. we Offers parcels Services, Our office in airport take care of parcels in airport and send to port with lowest price our services for parcel inward and outward fast and efficiently.

Repair Works

We associated with High tech. class society approved workshops capable of handling wide range of maintenance and overhaul

  • Main and auxiliary engines
  • Turbo chargers
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Cast materials
  • Electrical motors (rewinding within 24 hours)
  • Navigational and electronics equipments (maintenance and repair)

Underwater repairs, cleaning and inspection digitally monitor

Crew Change

Our office offers a speedy, flexible, efficient and operative crew change service with highly competitive costs. We collect the crew members from airport assisting them safely on board and when is necessary we also arrange suitable hotel accommodation according to requirements.

Ship Spares in Transit

we provide clearing and forwarding services and handling of ships stores in transit, including customs clearance, storage, transport and delivery to your vessels in any ports. Hand carry service of urgent spares to other countries in the region is also available. We provide storage services for any of your warranty and emergency spares as well.