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Our Address

Elbased St., Suez, Egypt

  1. Provision & Bonded
  • Working on a vessel is very demanding. A crew must be given high-quality food and nourishment to perform at a high level. Here outstands Suezmare Co.:
  • Our range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat from best quality producers, fish straight from our local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from our farmers and dry stores, general groceries, beverages and juices, dairy goods, confectionery and gourmet foods from local and imported sources.
  • We collaborate with global food suppliers as well, (in India, Brazil, Australia, Portuguese) who have their stores locally, plus we have our own stores. Our decades of experience in feeding, importing, exporting, and vendoring reflects on the level of service and quality of products we provide our clients. 
  1. Ship Repairs
  • Suezmare Co. has its local contacts to supply vessel parts and services at a competitive price.
  • General repairs for deck & engine departments
  • Crane repair
  • Overhaul and maintenance service
  • Emergency repairs
  • Engine repair and overhaul
  • Under-water welding 
  1. Deck Stores
  • We supply vessels with all their deck requirements. This includes: protective gear, paints & brushes, ropes & hawsers, rigging equipment, cleaning products; general deck items like safety/nautical equipment, marine publications, stationary, medical stores, brushes and mats, cleaning materials, and chemicals. We cover all your engine and general technical requirements.
  • Maintenance of anchor and anchor chain
  • Welding and maintenance work
  • General repairs
  1. Engine Services

A vessel’s engine needs to be in optimal condition. Here shows up Suezmare Co.:

  • Checking on valves, pipes and fittings.
  • Supply of spare parts for main and auxiliary engines.
  • Supply of lubrication oil and chemicals.
  • Supply of bolts, nuts and screws.
  • Maintenance of hydraulics, pumps and compressors.
  1. Radio | Electronics | Navigational Supplies
  • We deliver on time and at competitive prices a wide range of electronics and navigation supplies including Radars, Depth Sounders, GPS VHF, UHF Radios, Searchlights, Log books, Charts, Photocopiers and Fax machine consumables, etc.
  • Computers and communication equipment
  • Photocopy machines and consumables
  • Supply of radio spare parts
  1. Safety Equipment & Inspectional services
  • We can offer a full range of lifesaving equipment to suit your needs. Lifejackets, Immersion suits, Rescue boats & Man-overboard, Life rafts, Lifebuoy lights and Signal lamps, Boiler suits, Safety shoes, Gloves and Ear muffs.
  • In addition to first aid kits, safety helmets and gloves, fire extinguishers, and hoses.
  • Inspection of lifeboat and raft
  • Inspection of firefighting equipment
  • Inspection of safety equipment
  1. Medical/Fumigation/Cleaning Services
  • We offer a full service regarding deslopping, debunkering, demucking and waste handling.
  • Through our strong relationships with the local medical community, we are capable of providing any safe, internationally approved medicines, plus our crew of doctors in all majors at your service.
  • Pest control & Fumigation services (disinfection)
  • Crew laundry services
  • Deck cleaning
  • Room cleaning
  1. Rental Services
  • Suezmare can provide car or van services to allow seafarers to visit doctors, replenish supply or visit local sites. The service also includes a pickup schedule before boarding the vessel, plus car and van transport services and use of shore cranes