Marine Radio Test Set MRTS-7M (GMDSS Tester) is designed to carry out the periodical, annual or renewal surveys of MF/HF/VHF Radios with DSC and NAVTEX receivers in accordance with IMO A.948 (23) or A.997(25), A.1020(26) resolutions.

The MRTS-7M is the device capable to provide accurate, independent operation test of the following equipment:

  • VHF receiver-transmitters
  • VHF DSC Controllers
  • VHF Watch Receivers
  • MF/HF radiotelephone equipment
  • MF/HF DSC Controllers
  • MF/HF Watch Receivers
  • NAVTEX equipment

The GMDSS Tester MRTS-7M is specified equipment for radio inspectors performing mandatory, periodical surveys of ship-borne communication equipment.

The Marine Radio Test System MRTS-7M allows ensuring the GMDSS equipment meets the appropriate performance requirements.

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