Zeramdini Ship Supply & Ship Chandler


We provide multiple Marine and Offshore services in all Tunisian Ports .

We have an extensive range of solutions , Provision Supply, Technical Supply, Safety Supply ,Offshores Services , Crew and Ship management wich  for all vessel segments to offer you the best management services you want – when and where you need them.

We account for mobile workshops and extensive shipping capacity for marine equipment, spare parts Bonded stores , CabinDeckElectrical StoreEngine Store ,Cabin Stores , Safety Requirement ,BunkeringSludge , Garbage and Oil Disposal and Other marine services equipped for any project with the best quality approved by International Marine Purchasing Impa .

You can found more details on our website : http://zeramdinishipsupply.com/


Our Address:

Street Mohamed IV , Number 14 Sousse , Tunisia


35.841095, 10.629332999999974

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