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Rua Bispo Lacerda, 35, Del Castilho, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil


-22.8769506, -43.2677097

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We do the Installation, commissioning, and repair and maintenance services for hydraulic and electro-electronic equipment, such as:

Radar, ECDIS, Odômetros, Ecobatímetros, VDR, SVDR.
Gyro compass, Magnetic Compass and GPS.
Rudder machine and autopilot.
Air compressors (Screw and piston types).
Inspection Radio GMDSS and AIS.
Gas / Fire detection and alarm.
Laser position sensors (Fanbean).
Ballast Monitors (ODME), Tank level gauges and Water and oil separator (15 ppm).
CCTV Cameras, Spill Oil Detection Radars.
Hydrojet Propulsion System.