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Gothenburg Kontrabasgatan 11 SE-421 50 Västra Frölunda Sweden

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CA Clase Marine Electronics, Cordland Marine, Zeatec Marine, and CTV Service – together we are NjordX.

Our operations have gone from sales of individual products to increasing commitments and system solutions. The best way for us to deliver this is in unison, by utilizing the various competencies within the Group. We at NjordX work closely with our customers and take full responsibility for our deliveries of hydroacoustic systems, navigation, communication, IT, and security solutions. Our responsibility extends from the start of the project and all the way through installation and commissioning to service and support. We deliver worldwide.

The shipping industry and the shipyard business have a long and proud history in Scandinavia. Following the closure of the large shipyards in Sweden, the competence has been preserved and further developed in a number of small and medium-sized companies with a marine focus. Our own history begins as early as 1912. Our business concept was then mainly to, together with the business contacts that have been established over the years at sea, deliver goods and services to the Swedish shipbuilding and shipping industry and to other industries in Sweden. The growing Swedish industries were in great need of qualified industrial products and already during the first half of the 20th century, agency agreements were concluded with reputable foreign manufacturers. Products for the entire company, from the keel to the mast top, became the basis of our business and our business concept is now to deliver system solutions together with our partners. We intend to develop this in the next 100 years as well.

The Swedish Armed Forces have been a good customer since the start when the long-term collaboration began. Since the beginning of the 1980s, other government institutions such as the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Coast Guard, and the Swedish Geological Survey have also been using our products. Civil shipping has always been one of the cornerstones of the companies in the NjordX Group.

Service and consulting services in the various product areas are and have always been the companies’ guiding stars. System delivery and total commitment are synonymous terms for all operations and are well-known concepts among our customers.

We deliver everything from individual products to larger system solutions. To cope with this requires great knowledge, long experience, and dedicated staff. That is why we at NjordX have had an obvious place in the shipping industry for over 100 years.

Service & support

We take full responsibility for and perform service and support on your equipment.

We provide services for government, commercial and public customers. Our technical support consists of a team of well-trained engineers who have extensive experience in the latest technology in marine electronics. We are specialists in the installation of communication and navigation equipment as well as hydroacoustic systems with, repair and service of these types of equipment. Service and support are provided directly on the ship or at our workshops.

NjordX is also authorized to perform radio inspections and Voyage Data Recorder inspections with certificates from, among others, Lloyds, ABS, Bureau, Veritas, DNV, GL, and RINA Classifications Societies.

We also perform advanced service in our well-equipped workshop where we calibrate the instruments’ performance with our test equipment. Our workshop is antistatic and we are ISO 9001 certified.

We work with serving ships in Sweden, Scandinavia, and Europe. We also perform work in other parts of the world if required by the customer, alternatively, we are part of various worldwide service networks and then coordinate the service where it is most suitable for the customer.

NjordX supplies spare parts and performs support for a wide range of IMO / SOLAS-certified marine electronics equipment such as Radar, ECDIS, VDR, ECHOsounders, DGPS, Gyro Compass, Auto Pilot, AIS, SART, EPIRB, SSAS, LRIT, GMDSS MF / HF, InFat -C, VHF / UHF onboard communications and satellite communications systems.

Our Services:

Hydroacoustic systems

Our deep knowledge and good long-term relationships with our suppliers enable solutions that meet the high demands of the market, regardless of whether it is a commercial, government, or military customer. NjordX is the only company in Sweden that offers a complete range of hydroacoustic systems.

Sea mapping, port surveys, and bottom inspections are performed using, for example, sidescan sonar, multibeam sonar, and sub-bottom profiles which we sell, install and support. We also provide underwater positioning systems, sound speed sensors, and finishing programs.

With this equipment, we give you as a customer full control over the underwater work.


NjordX delivers navigation equipment with the latest technology from the leading suppliers for ships and fixed installations.

We have been working with marine electronics since 1912. This means that we have solid experience and good technical knowledge of what is best for your specific purpose. Over the years, we have built a close relationship with our suppliers who are the leaders in the world market. This gives our customers a solid selection to choose from and the opportunity to find the right solution for the specific requirements.

We sell navigation equipment from manufacturers such as Sperry Marine, JRC, Skipper, and many more.

Feel free to contact us if you have inquiries about the products and solutions below.

  • X and S-band radar systems
    Gyro systems and Magnetic compasses with different repeats
  • Autopilots, Steering system, DP system
  • AIS Systems
  • VDR & SVDR System
  • Log System, active and passive
  • Navigation sonar
  • ECDIS and ECD systems
  • Anemometers
  • GPS and DGPS, as well as other satellite-based navigation systems.

Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturers we represent.


When it comes to safety at sea, there is no room for error. That is why we work with suppliers who are well known for their quality and who have the best products. We supply and support GMDSS equipment such as VHF, MF / HF, EPIRB, SART, Inmarsat-C, Navtex, Transponders, and AIS from manufacturers such as Cobham, JRC, Simrad, Jotron, Sailor, McMurdo and Kannad, and more.

We offer complete solutions regarding portable communication, GMDSS, internal communication, mobile communication, antennas, TVRO systems, VSAT, and Airtime from the leading suppliers.

NjordX is authorized to perform GMDSS radio inspections and Voyage Data Recorder (APT) inspections on behalf of, among others, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, DNV, GL, and RINA.

Special products

We also provide other products required on a ship such as windshield wipers, chairs for environments with high demands, sun protection, systems for inertial navigation, attitude sensors, and several variants of cables and connectors. Common to all our products is that they belong to the best in their field. We ensure quality, functionality, and performance.