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Postal Add. No. 3 Shahada Al Yamen Port Tawfik, Suez, Egypt



King Marine Services Co.


King Marine Services Co. offers an extensive range of provisions, equipment and marine stores, to all types of vessels. We carry an extensive inventory including quality dry, frozen and chilled foodstuffs, cabin and medical stores, deck and engine stores, cleaning products, marine chemicals, mooring ropes, bonded stores, crew items, and safety equipment. Our priority is to ensure that every ship we supply is handled in a timely and efficient manner, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all products are delivered on time and at fair prices. Our excellent shipping supply infrastructure let us to help you with:

Food Provision\ Bonded Stores\ Deck & Engine stores\ Cabin Store \ Medical Supply

Lifting gear supply \ Wire rope fabrication & Load testing \ Mooring rope \ Anchor, Anchor chains \ Lifesaving equipment \ Garbage Collect

located at followings Egyptian ports and Suez Canal area:-

Suez anchorage & port said anchorage, Sukhna & Adabiah & Suez ports and terminals, Safaga & Ras Shokier, El Hamraween, Ras shakier ports,

Damietta ports and terminal, Alexandria & El Dkhiela ports and terminals, Side Kerier& Sukhna terminal, SharmElshiekh & Abu Zneima ports,

Port Said East container terminal and Port Said West terminal.