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We founded Danica on the basis of a huge pool of well-educated, experienced officers in Ukraine and Russia, as we saw that many shipowners and managers were struggling to find a reliable crewing agency that ensures the proper quality.

At Danica we know that our clients rely on first-rate seafarers. Being a leading crewing services provider, we are totally committed to meeting your requirements, and we are totally focused on client satisfaction.

To fulfill Danica’s mission – to connect demanding shipping companies with highly competent seafarers – we have brought together a very experienced team, and by applying a set of rigid screening procedures, we ensure that only the most competent and fit seafarers are employed.

We have offices in Ukraine and Russia in the key hubs for seafarers, and by using Danica you will benefit from having a single access point to a huge pool of capable seafarers, as all of our offices work together to fulfill our clients’ need for top-crew.

In addition to the manning agency services we also provide a number of value-adding services such as crew planning, logistics, travel management, accounting and payroll services as well as training.

You can benefit from our high-quality crewing agency services which supply highly competent crews on a single-position basis, but you may also benefit from our full crew management solutions by which we take care of the full crew management of your entire fleet of vessels on a cost or fixed lump sum basis for the budget year.

Together with Scanmar – our partners in the Philippines – we can offer you a full crewing package with a mixed crew of Eastern Europeans and Filipinos. Please visit www.scanmar.com.ph




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Lilienstrasse 11 20095 Hamburg Germany

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