E-trade platforms for marine procurement

E-trade platforms for marine procurement

E-trade platforms for marine procurement

Efficient procurement and supply chain management depends on availability of the up-to-date IT instruments that make it possible to handle big data volume, analyze it more efficiently in order to achieve the best results from using of the assets of a Company.

Nowadays regulators, ship owners, port authorities are all benefit from digitalization thanks to integration of all the users and optimization of business processes.

Ship owners and ship managers realize inevitability of the introduction of the integrated Company’s management IT platform that would include every management aspect: technical, crew, QHSSE, accounting, dry-docking, procurement.

Digitalization of the procurement is a momentum and fundamental tool of the procurement efficiency increase giving essential competitive advantages. Intelligent optimization of the procurement processes can help to plan company’s strategic objectives.

Some advantages of e-procurement platforms:

  • Connect buyers and sellers
  • Suppliers management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice management
  • Spending optimization
  • Performance analytics
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Reduce time spend for Requisition/Query/Purchase Order processes
  • Streamline procurement processes
  • Access from different devices

Each e-platform’s maker offers its own different solutions for procurement departments, therefore ship owner or ship managing company should define the best one based on the data company has and taking into account its strategic objectives.

Below is the list of the most popular e-trade platforms and modules for e-commerce that are used by ship owners and ship managers for purchasing of ship spares, stores and services.

Procurement module: Procurement XE Marine Procurement Solutions

Procurement module: AMOS BS

Procurement module: SeaProc

Procurement module: TradeNet

Prime Marine
Procurement module: Purchase Management System for Ship

DNV-GL Ship Manager
Procurement module: ShipManager Procurement

Apagio Analysis
Procurement module: Apagio Analysis

Procurement module: SERTICA Marine Procurement

Maritime Vendors
Procurement module:Maritime Vendors

Procurement module: Columbus

Procurement module: BASSnet™ Procurement

Procurement module: Moscord

Procurement module: MESPAS Procurement

Marine RFQ
Procurement module: Marine RFQ

Procurement module: Task Assistant

Procurement module: Procureship

Procurement module: CFM Purchase

SRO Solutions
Procurement module: Maximo

Procurement module: PreMaster

Star Information System
Procurement module: SISCommerce

Procurement module: K-Fleet Purchase

JD Edwards
Procurement module: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement

Procurement module: TM PROCUREMENT

Procurement module: MAMS Procurement Platform

Kinnetik Solutions
Procurement module: Kinnetik Solutions

Procurement module: Procurement and Logistics

ABS Nautical Systems
Procurement module: NS Purchasing Manager

Procurement module: InfoSHIP ASSET

Procurement module: smartPAL

Procurement module: SHIPMATE Stores and Procurement System for Ships

Vertex Infosoft
Procurement module: Marine Proc

Ocean Manager
Procurement module: vesFMS

Procurement module: DanaosONE

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