Unimasters has a long track record of providing integrated solutions for ship owners, ship managers and charterers, covering of all needs with “one-pit-stop” – from customer data management to supervision of cargo handling operations.

We are committed to the goal of providing the highest quality of marine services – supply of ships stores, spare parts and consumables, ship spares inventory management, and logistics and technical services.

We know:

• What materials and supplies are best suited for use aboard vessels

• The docks, piers and anchorages, and how best to reach them

• How to deliver to a vessel and the value – to you

– of a properly planned delivery

• The procedures of the international and local authorities, customs requirements, inspection procedures where required, etc

• How important extra services can be under certain conditions, and how much delays in sailing can cost you

Supply Categories:

– Marine lubricants and chemicals

– Refrigerants and Technical gases

– Deck and Engine stores

– Pneumatic tools and pumps

– Maintenance and repairs stores

– Cabin and Galley stores

– Nautical and Stationery stores

– Spare parts logistics

– Provisions



Our Address:

40 Graf Ignatiev Str. Varna, Bulgaria


43.2004334, 27.9206426

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