The FIRST SHIPPING COMPANY (SAMPLE) is one of the few global organisations with the resources, reach, expertise and infrastructure to support shipping operations on a local, regional and global scale.

Our global network of regional hubs, owned offices and trusted partners elsewhere covers thousands of locations worldwide. Our 24/7 operations are backed by in-depth local expertise and excellent relations with port authorities for fast and efficient vessel turnaround.

Our range of international shipping services caters for all kinds of vessels, from container ships, bulk cargo carriers, Ro-Ro vessels and tankers to cruise liners and superyachts; and all cargo types from grains, cement, steel, minerals to crude, LPG and chemicals.

We go beyond the standard ship agency services with an extensive range of complementary services covering global hub agency, husbandry, bunker fuel supplies, ship spares logistics, underwater hull cleaning, weather routing and more.

Whether you’re controlling an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive portfolio of services can be tailored to your needsOur tailor-made solutions keep you fully informed of your vessel’s status prior to, during and after the port call while we promptly meet your needs and adapt to changing conditions.

Safety, security, quality and corporate compliance, are our watch words. FIRST SHIPPING COMPANY is committed to meeting the highest standards, honesty and transparency in everything we do. We are alongside and at your service in port or at sea, around the clock, around the world.

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08:00 - 17:00


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Our Address:

New York, 350 fifth avenue


40.7485411, -73.9857629



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Our Useful Features & Services

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One-stop supply & service provider for marine industry

We offer wide range services for ship owners and operating companies

Always competitive prices

We always try to meet owners' expectation and minimize OPEX

We serve worldwide

You will find our offices in almost all the counstries around the globe