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111 Union Street, Suite 4.3, Glasgow, G1 3TA, UK

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DS Marine Group

DS Marine offers on board and workshop service of your vessels marine safety and instrumentation equipment. We understand the time constraints in the marine industry and as such our technicians are standing by to attend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even during the shortest of bunker calls we will ensure your vessel leaves port with fully functioning and certified equipment.

DS Marine currently operate in over 18 locations worldwide. Through our extensive network of partners we are able to attend your vessel for service and calibrations at our key locations in Singapore, Korea, China, Dubai, Panama, Houston, Algeciras / Gibraltar, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Sines, Suez, UK, Peru, Brazil, Durban, India and Poland.

DS Marine and our trusted network of partners are able to service and repair the following equipment at our key locations:

Gas Detectors
15ppm / OWS
SCABA Cylinder
Air Quality Test BA Compressor
Immersion Suits
Medical Oxygen Cylinders
Medical Oxygen Resuscitator
Fixed CO2 System
Foam Analysis
Fixed Gas Detection System
Fire Extinguisher – Portable
Fire Extinguisher – Trolley
Fixed Foam System – Annual Inspection
Foam Applicator
Water Mist / Hyper Mist System
Galley CO2 System
Temperature Calibrator
Pressure Calibrators
Pneumatic Hand Pump
Digital Pressure Gauge
Alco Tester