The world of shipping is facing a decade of profound change with shifts in the political, environmental and technological landscapes.

An increasingly globalized economy means that the shipping industry is poised to become more prominent than ever, but new challenges are emerging as well.

The TradeWinds International Shipping Forum will bring together the decision makers and influencers from key industry sectors – from shipowners to regulators, underwriters to financiers, legal experts to technology specialists – in a truly global event. This important forum will help move business forward through information exchange, stimulating fresh thinking and professional networking.

Governments have committed to reducing the environmental impact of shipping, with various strategies suggested to ensure that emissions targets can be reached. Implementing any change, however, will take wide scale collaboration from stakeholders across the industry. Shipbuilders, owners and breakers are all set to be impacted by these changes. The TradeWinds International Shipping Forum offers the chance to be part of that conversation.

Technology is set to impact shipping in unpredictable ways, with automation, AI and Big Data all poised to disrupt the industry, requiring decision makers to adapt and embrace change. Understanding how to manage these changes and adopt new technologies will be crucial to success in this ever-changing industry’s landscape.

TradeWinds International Shipping Forum will bring key players and decision makers together in one of the world’s most important hubs for shipping reinsurance and the home of one of the world’s leading ship registries. For a global forum of this kind, Bermuda represents an ideal location for discussion, debate and an exchange of ideas.

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Location: Southampton, Bermuda