Where the world’s experts and leaders debate and discuss the global issues and challenges facing the gas and LNG community in 2019 and beyond.

The conference is renowned for its quality, breadth and expertise, featuring an extensive range of both strategic and technical sessions which advocate and advance the role for gas and LNG in the global energy mix.

Plenary Conference

The Gastech Plenary Conference connects energy industry leadership with top level policy makers to forge wide reaching strategies and solutions for meeting the natural gas industry’s most pressing challenges.

Strategic Conference

Gastech’s renowned peer-reviewed strategic conference delivers advanced insights into the latest commercial strategies and trends dominating the natural gas industry providing delegates with fast track information on how best to align business models.

Technical Conference

The Gastech Technical Conference has a long and rich history of being the global showcase for the cutting-edge, peer reviewed technical expertise. The conference provides a valuable opportunity to stay on top of latest advancements and innovations in the natural gas industry and what they mean for businesses.

Spotlight Programmes

Featuring bespoke programmes and networking, the Gastech Spotlight programmes provide the opportunity to delve deeper into the gas industry most pressing priorities.

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Location: Houston, TX, USA